Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Village Family

The Village Family is growing & life is becoming busy around here. Here is the latest photo of everyone together.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Construction Continues

Progress at The Village is continuing and we are thankful for that. On September 9th the O'Tool family staff house foundation was poured. The Lord gave the guys a beautiful working day and good help. We are looking forward to getting their house built so they can move onto the property & be with all of us. All of the cement blocks are ready to go for the house and it looks like the team coming in October will be helping with the building of their house.

Just Being Cute

Final Family Vacation Photos

We had a lot of fun together and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. Welkom is a very flat, dry place to live so when we get the chance to see the ocean, mountains and a variety of animals we love it. We also enjoy watching the kids take in so many new adventures.

When you take a vacation that is 9 hrs away, you have to make a lot of stops. Making the trip more like 11 hrs away, but the kids are great travelers. This stop is lunch time and enjoying some KFC.

Our first vacation spot was in George and we visited good friends of ours-Val and Danie. We also helped Val celebrate her birthday.

We went to a wonderful farmers market on Saturday morning and had a yummy breakfast of fresh fruits, breads, coffee and pancakes

It is always fun to play in the rocks

Picking flowers

Watching the ocean

Whale watching-we saw many whales with their calves

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey Land

Next on our holiday we visited a place called Monkey Land. We took a guided walking tour through the park and the kids were able to get really close to some monkeys. We weren't allowed to touch them but the monkey's would run up right next to us and didn't mind the kids getting close.

Liam and Lindie really enjoyed the monkeys and they are still talking about the fun.

{I know its not a monkey, but there were also lots of tortoises}

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elephant Park

While away on holiday we visited an elephant park near Plettenburg. The kids were very excited about the elephants until they got close and personal with them. We had a bucket of fruits and vegetables to feed them which made the elephants very eager to stick their trunks out to be fed. One elephant even gave Lindie a kiss on the cheek which made her a bit more afraid.

It was a warm day, so the elephants had been playing in the mud making it a messy adventure for us. Brian and I enjoyed the elephants and maybe when the kids are older they will enjoy doing it again.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Red Berry Farm

Last week our family had the opportunity to go on holiday (as they say it in SA or vacation). We decided to go to a place we haven't been before. We headed 10 hours South to George. The kids did great traveling, even Liam after being so sick the day before. It took him a few days to get back to 100% but he still had fun.

Our first full day in George we went to the Red Berry Farm & picked yummy fresh strawberries. Our friends, Val and Danie, moved to George this past May so we spent a few days with them and they showed us around. This strawberry farm has a few rules: to go into the strawberry field each person has to have their own bucket, no eating the strawberries while in the field and you can't fill your container too full. {Haha only in South Africa}
Ok, do you know how difficult it is to explain to a 2 and 3 year old that they can't eat their strawberries yet? Rather difficult...they ended up eating two each.

After our picking fun we had a very yummy snack of fresh scones with cream, strawberry jam and coffee or tea. This was a perfect way to start our holiday.