Friday, September 14, 2012

Its Time to Catch-Up on Life

Life has been in a hectic state recently but I must take a few minutes to bring things up to speed. "Where to start" is the million dollar question. I guess I will start with everyday life.

Life has been good, hectic but moving forward in a positive stance. Our family is doing great and enjoying life. We've had many blessings over these past few months with many new visitors and returning friends from the States, Lindie's birthday, we have made new friends here, Charlie's growing-up quickly, lots of great times with The Village family and now the O'Tool family has rejoined us.

I have learned a lot over these past few months, which have been our busiest months in a long time. God graciously gave us the strength we needed to maintain The Village, work personally with the children and host teams while our co-workers were away. We feel so privileged and blessed that God desires to use us here, even when we don't deserve to be used by him.

I have been learning a lot and have been convicted that I need to recognize and seize the moments the Lord gives to me to help those around me and not to let my daily "To Do list" get in the way. I've been going through a Bible study book with the 3 oldest girls that deals with the Fruits of the Spirit. I have learned so much myself and its been a blessings to learn along side these girls. We enjoy our times together on a Tuesday evening with a cup of tea and studying.

We just finished studying about kindness and goodness. "Kindness is a sincere desire for the happiness of others; goodness is the activity calculated to advance their happiness". What a great reminder, goodness begins at home and in this stage of our life, our home encompasses The Village. To actively love and advance the happiness of those around me daily. {from the book A Young Woman's Walk with God by Elizabeth George}

As a mom of 3 young children plus the 13 living at The Village and employees, it becomes so easy to let my own agenda get into the way of the teachable moments that literally fall into my lap. I'm sure all of my other friends that are moms can relate. Or at least I hope so ;)

These past few months have passed by quickly and it is now our turn to return to The States to enjoy our family and friends. In 4 days we leave South Africa. Wow. We are looking forward to it so much. We hope to see many of you while we are back.