Friday, September 24, 2010

Liam "Where the peanut"

Yesterday after picking up Liam from preschool, he came home and wanted a snack. He took his snack of peanuts and raisins to the living room and sat of the floor to play . Lori Wegner, from the POG team, was sitting in the living room with him and I was in our bedroom putting things away. Pretty soon I heard Lori say "I think Liam put a peanut up his nose." I came into the room and Liam said with his hands in the air "where the peanut" and then he pointed to his nose.

I found a flash light and looked up his nose and found the peanut. It took a bit to find it because it was really high. Lori and I were trying to show Liam how to sneeze but he couldn't understand what we wanted, he would just throw his head forward like a sneeze. I sent Brian a text and told him about Liam and he came home shortly after that. Before Brian arrived, I tried getting the peanut out with tweezers but the snot around it was making it too slippery. When daddy arrived he also tried the tweezer but that was not going to work.

Only Brian would think of this. He taped a drinking straw to the end of our vacuum hose to suck out the peanut. It was a bit different but it sure did work. And of course I had to take a video of it. Hope you enjoy the video of the Liam and the Peanut.

{Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Serious injury could occur to the nasal and sinus cavity if not done under the proper supervision of a Master Building in South Africa. If your child gets a peanut stuck in their nose please contact your local doctor and don't take our advice. But it did work and we didn't have any medical bills afterwards.}

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hosting Point of Grace Team

On Sunday Brian picked up a group of 6 from Point of Grace. All the team members are returning for their second, third or even the fourth time. So, its kinda like welcoming family back.

Because we don't have guest housing built yet we are hosting 2 two members in our home, 2 at the O'Tools house and 2 at some friend's house. Amber and I make lunch and deliver it to the property and everyone gather's at our home for supper, team devos and games in the evening.

The team arrived in Welkom Sunday night around 10pm and we had them working by 10AM Monday. By lunch time on Monday the team had already moved 280 cement blocks, that each weigh 32 pounds, to the property. After lunch, they jumped right into learning how to lay the blocks. By the end of the day, they had walls window high all the way around and the walls without windows were a bit higher.

This morning the team visited Dunamis Christian School and received a nice tour and then gave out backpacks and school supplies to children who needed them. The kindergarten and preschool classes sang songs and recited scripture for us. It was a wonderful morning and we were blessed by everything.

The rest of the day was spent building the house--yeah. The walls are almost roof high. You can clearly see the outline of all windows and doorways. The progress being made is awesome, encouraging, and exciting. Everything is now becoming a true reality. Trusses have been delivered for the roof and windows are ready to be picked up.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow and over the next two weeks.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Time!

Last weekend we took a little road trip and left Welkom for 2 days.

I read on-line that Fouriesburg, located in Eastern Free State, about 3 hrs from us was having a Spring Fair. I am always up for getting away and trying to find something fun to do. According to the information on their website it looked like it should be fun. The O'Tools and we left Saturday morning around 8AM. We stopped in Bethlehem and checked into our guest house and the O'Tools went on to check into their place located near Ficksburg.

We ended up getting to the Spring Fair before them and checked it out. My expectations are always too high. In typical, South African style, the advertisement was the best part of the event. Lets see if I can list all the things happening. There was a face painting tent, small craft tent, used book sale, homemade jams to buy and a snow cone tent {by far that was the highlight}. There was a Cherry farm located 20km away that was offering tractor ride tours of the farm. We met the O'Tools there and found out it cost R50 per person {or $6.10} and they wouldn't give the tour until there was a big enough group to go. So we just sat on the deck and enjoyed a chocolate milk shake. After that we drove into Ficksburg to check out that little town and found nothing of interest, so we stopped at a small grocery store and bought lunch to braii at the place where the O'Tools were staying.

The kids had a great afternoon of swimming and playing. Us adults enjoyed our time relaxation and the beautiful scenery. The Easter Free State is so much prettier then Welkom. They have beautiful mountains, lots of fruit trees, and overall just a pleasant atmosphere.

Sunday morning we went to Wimpy's for a yummy breakfast. Lindie was having eye problems, I think she might have seasonal allergies. But she was still very happy, just doesn't look the best.

After breakfast we drove through Golden Gate National Park, something we haven't done before and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids slept through most of it, so that was great.

We also found some nice camping sites that we might have to try out as a family get away or team outing. Brian wants to hike some of these mountains sometime soon.

We had a very nice weekend away and it was our way of celebrating Labor Day.