Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enjoying Charlie

Everyone at The Village is enjoying baby Charlie & he is getting extra spoiled. Even the kids line up to take turns to hold him.

Dieketseng comes everyday after school to see if he is awake so she can hold him.

Charlie has had a big welcome to The Village Family!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Charlie

On Saturday morning, we welcomed our newest addition to our family. Charlie Levi was born at 9:24AM. His arrival was a bit of a surprise since he was almost 3 weeks early but he was ready to join the family on his schedule.

Charlie has already captured his big brother's love. Liam loves trying to give him toys to play with. Liam is already asking when will Charlie be big so they can play together. Lindie is also fascinated with her little brother and is even willing to share her blanket with him (this is a big deal). We are enjoying being a family of five and Charlie is a perfect addition. We love you so much little guy!

Daddy made Charlie his own website, check it out.

{Last prego picture before Charlie was born}

{Charlie's first picture right after being delivered}

{Charlie and Daddy}

{All sleepy after his first bath & looking very cute.
We love his fuzzy hair. Thanks Nanna Cain for my cute outfit}

{Daddy and his two boys}

{Mommy & her 3 little bundles of joy}

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Louie O'Tool shared this on their blog and I wanted to share it with all of you also. Life isn't always fun and games over here and reality hurts at times.

Usually we're pretty upbeat about ministry. Sometimes it's still hard to believe that we get to do this job. But there are hard times. And last week we had one of those experiences.

On November 1st we had a new boy join The Village. Thabang is 11 years old. He is orphaned and had been living with an elderly great-aunt who could no longer care for him. His school was over 3km away and without any encouragement from home he just quit going. Apparently his behavior was becoming difficult for her to handle as well.

We usually don't take children this age, as by this point they are typically too streetwise and independent to be molded. In this case, knowing the background, we hoped there were extenuating circumstances (such as hunger) leading to some of the problems. We told the social workers we would work with Thabang and try to help him.

The first night he was here we found that he had gotten up in the middle of the night and taken food into the bathroom and eaten it. He wasn't very good at covering his tracks. This type of behavior is very normal when new children arrive, as so many of them have been fending for themselves. We are usually able to break that behavior simply by feeding the child and showing them they will be cared for. With Thabang this wasn't the case. He continued to steal food, and then if he was given something he didn't like he would try to secretly throw it away and then take something he liked more.

We learned quickly that he hadn't had much authority in his young life. Having quit school there wasn't really anyone telling him what to do at all. Twice he left The Village just to go wandering around just because he wanted to, even though he had been told by 3 different people not to leave the property without supervision. When given instruction by his housemother he would completely ignore it, or even blatantly challenge it.

While Thabang was clearly very intimidated by Brian and me, he displayed no concept of respect for his housemother. He even told one of the other boys that he didn't care what she said or if she tried to punish him because he was big enough to take it.

In the short time he was with us several of us tried to reason with him. Brian spoke with him a couple times, as did I. We even had Zachariah speak with him in hopes that the communication barrier would be removed. Once I tried to explain to him how good his life could be at The Village, that this could be the best thing that ever happened to him. But his behavior continued as he rejected our counsel.

Eventually, knowing that this kind of behavior could hinder the growth of the other children, we had to tell the social worker that they needed to find a new place for Thabang.

That hurts. When an 11 year old kid has already been set on this path in life, knowing the window has passed where he can be helped, it is hard to accept. You would love to invest everything trying to reach him, but you can't put the other children at risk in the meantime.

I hesitate to share this story, but you need to know the reality of life here. "A child left to himself will bring his mother to shame." We are seeing the fruits of scores of children left to themselves.

The most poignant truth I see in situations like these is God's relationship with mankind. He is there, offering His love, offering adoption into His family, giving us freely the best life we could imagine. But in our stubbornness so many of us turn Him away. We continue to treasure the petty pleasures we find in life, rejecting the awesomeness that He wants to give us. God doesn't reject us, we reject Him. As Thabang refused to soften, refused to listen, so also do we, not willing to see the riches He will provide in Christ. If that is you, please, I beg you, stop living your miserable life and accept the love and forgiveness God offers through His Son.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liam Reading to Lindie

Liam loves reading books and enjoys sharing them with Lindie. One afternoon I was sneaky enough to get him on video reading a Thomas book to Lindie. This video is about 3 months old, but it is too cute not to post.