Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Pictures of Liam and Lindie

Just a few fun pictures of the kids.

Liam helped me make pancakes for breakfast one morning. He did a good job dumping in the ingredients and stirring.

Just for fun. I took this picture because she looked so peaceful sleeping.

Liam is leaning how to paint with water paints.

Liam, Lindie, Meredith and Drake enjoying the evening together.

She knows she is being naughty by sitting on the dishwasher and look at how pleased she is with herself.

Liam having lunch with his cars and trucks

Enjoying a cracker

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As our friends in the States are enjoying Fall and getting ready for Winter, we have ushered in Spring and enjoying Summer like weather. YEAH
Even though its technically only Spring, the temperatures have been hot enough for the kids to play in their kiddy pool. We had a blow up pool that I dug out and started filling up, but quickly discovered it had a few leaks. We looked at the local stores for a kiddy pool but they are all expensive and a piece of junk. So resourceful daddy came up with another plan.
About 2 years ago some friends offered us a small fish pond that they were no longer using in their yard. At the time we had no need for a fish pond. Brian went back to them now and asked if they still had it and they did.
Check this out-Brian made this old, fiberglass fish pond into a wonderful little kiddy pool for Liam and Lindie. He drilled a hole in the bottom and put in a bathtub drain and plug to make it easy for draining and cleaning, cleaned it up and painted it.


Liam and Lindie have fun in it almost every day and often Meredith and Drake join us! Its a bit crowed with 4 kids, but it works out because they usually are busy enough getting in and out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Mommy is gone interesting things happen

While the team was here, Brian stayed home with the kids on a Saturday morning and I took the team to the hospital to visit some children and onto Thabong for a traditional township lunch. Besides watching the kids, Brian was also left with instructions to make a salad for supper that night. When I arrived home about 4 hours later, the salad was made, the kitchen clean, Lindie was napping and Liam looked like this. I didn't even ask...Ya gotta love it!

{It looks like he is wearing shorts, but it really is his underwear}

Team Fun

I am a bit behind on posting things on the blog. Here are a few more pictures of the POG team.

{Few more construction pictures}

{Lori and Sara helping us with craft time at the Hospice Daycare}

{Listening to Tom read a very long Dr Seuss Book at
7:30AM was great entertainment for all of us}

{The kids also enjoyed the team and received a little TLC from them}

{After visiting children in the hospital and a tour of Hani Park, the team had lunch and DJ's house. A traditional meal in the township of Walkie Talkies (chicken feet and heads). Tom was the only one to eat a chickens head}

Lindie getting a little attention during lunch time at the property}

{The team visited Dunamis Christian School and gifted 17 children
with new school bags and supplies}

{A little daddy time during lunch}

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Much Accomplished!

Wow, where has the time gone? The Point of Grace team has been gone for a week already, I have lots of blogging to catch-up on. Even with the team gone, this week remained hectic just trying to get things done around the house and the usual weekly chores.

The team was a lot of fun to have around and the amount of work they accomplished was unbelievable. The first week they were able to build the entire exterior of the house, visit Dunamis Christian School and bless 17 children with new school backpacks and supplies, visit children in the hospital and gave them small gifts, have lunch at DJ's house in Thabong and a few more things.

Here are some pictures of their first week.

{stacks of cement blocks that the team hauled over to the property.
These things are heavy, each weighing 32 pounds}

{Lunch time at the property with the team}

{By Friday, just 5 days of building, the team built the house to roof height.
The gable ends took a lot of work}

The weekend was busy but not as physically exhausting as the work during the week. We gave them two days to recuperate. On Monday the team put up all the trusses for the house. The day was a bit windy and dusty, so not overly ideal for the task at hand, but they managed. Tuesday the sheet metal went up for the roof and the team was able to secure all the roofing and start the facia work.

On Monday, we found out that the house we are renting has been sold and that we need to move by the end of November. Well, we weren't really excited to hear this news but the Lord's timing is perfect. We just need to keep relying on Him and trusting. In light of this news and because the shell of the children's house is up and the roof on, the team chose to help Brian and crew start on our house. Wow, what a blessing and praise.

On Wednesday, the team started hauling over more cement blocks in preparation for our house. By the afternoon they were busy laying the blocks. Thursday they finished hauling over the remaining of the blocks that were made and by Friday lunch time they had laid all the blocks. They were able to get the front of the house to window lentil height, the sides about half done, and the back needs a bit more. The team really saved Brian, Louie, DJ and Brilliant a lot of time and hard work they would have had to do on their own. Thanks Guys.

Pictures from their second week.

{Day 6 of construction, putting up the roof trusses}

{Day 7, installing the roof}

{Our house after 3 days of work and the team couldn't go any further
because we they used up all the cement blocks that were made}

{working on installing the sewer pipes}

Thanks Mark & Sara, Mick and Lori, Tom T and Tom L for all your hard work, wonderful spirits, friendship and fun. Come back again anytime!