Friday, September 24, 2010

Liam "Where the peanut"

Yesterday after picking up Liam from preschool, he came home and wanted a snack. He took his snack of peanuts and raisins to the living room and sat of the floor to play . Lori Wegner, from the POG team, was sitting in the living room with him and I was in our bedroom putting things away. Pretty soon I heard Lori say "I think Liam put a peanut up his nose." I came into the room and Liam said with his hands in the air "where the peanut" and then he pointed to his nose.

I found a flash light and looked up his nose and found the peanut. It took a bit to find it because it was really high. Lori and I were trying to show Liam how to sneeze but he couldn't understand what we wanted, he would just throw his head forward like a sneeze. I sent Brian a text and told him about Liam and he came home shortly after that. Before Brian arrived, I tried getting the peanut out with tweezers but the snot around it was making it too slippery. When daddy arrived he also tried the tweezer but that was not going to work.

Only Brian would think of this. He taped a drinking straw to the end of our vacuum hose to suck out the peanut. It was a bit different but it sure did work. And of course I had to take a video of it. Hope you enjoy the video of the Liam and the Peanut.

{Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Serious injury could occur to the nasal and sinus cavity if not done under the proper supervision of a Master Building in South Africa. If your child gets a peanut stuck in their nose please contact your local doctor and don't take our advice. But it did work and we didn't have any medical bills afterwards.}


Martha Cole said...

Problem Solving 101 at it's VERY BEST!!

Earle Family said...

Wow, Wow, and Wow again! Thanks for videoing it for us!