Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Well I can't believe I'm so behind in posting Christmas picture. For that matter, I am just behind in posting anything recently. We've been extra busy since Christmas with working on the house and now packing. This coming week we are making the big move to The Village and I am super excited about it. This will be our 3rd time to move in the past 9 months, but Lord willing our last move for a long while.

We had a wonderful Christmas and the kids were too cute so I have to post these pictures, even if they are really late.

{Liam and Lindie opened their presents from Papa and Nana over
Skype on Christmas Eve. This is Liam showing them his presents}

{Lindie opening her present from Nana and Papa}

{Liam looking at his new book}

{Liam opening his stocking on Christmas Eve}

{Lindie and her Christmas Sock}

{Pops and Nana came over Christmas morning after church to share the fun}

{Liam and his new Cars legos from Aunt Becka, Uncle Larry and cousins}

{We had lunch at Nan Val and Oupa Danie's. We enjoyed eating turkey and lamb}

{Christmas afternoon ended with a swim at Nan Val and Oupa Danie's}

{She's not always a little princes, but she is really cute}

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