Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Charlie

On Saturday morning, we welcomed our newest addition to our family. Charlie Levi was born at 9:24AM. His arrival was a bit of a surprise since he was almost 3 weeks early but he was ready to join the family on his schedule.

Charlie has already captured his big brother's love. Liam loves trying to give him toys to play with. Liam is already asking when will Charlie be big so they can play together. Lindie is also fascinated with her little brother and is even willing to share her blanket with him (this is a big deal). We are enjoying being a family of five and Charlie is a perfect addition. We love you so much little guy!

Daddy made Charlie his own website, check it out. http://web.me.com/bniehoff/Charlie_Levi_Niehoff

{Last prego picture before Charlie was born}

{Charlie's first picture right after being delivered}

{Charlie and Daddy}

{All sleepy after his first bath & looking very cute.
We love his fuzzy hair. Thanks Nanna Cain for my cute outfit}

{Daddy and his two boys}

{Mommy & her 3 little bundles of joy}


lawrence said...

Charlie, how Blessed you are to be born into this loving Godly family.
thank you Brian Lois Liam and Lindie for allowing us to share in your joy, we love you so much Pops and Nana

Martha Cole said...

Hey Lois, I see from your outfit that you actually changed clothes before you delivered!!! Pictures with Lindie...not so much :-)
Your family of 5 is WONDERFUL, and how considerate of Charlie to arrive on his own schedule...more time to bond with Grandma and Grandpa Niehoff. Love and Hugs,