Monday, December 26, 2011

Restoring Hope Village Christmas


On Christmas Eve we enjoyed our Christmas celebration with the children. The children were given generous presents from many sponsors and others who deeply care about them. The Village also gave each child and housemother a present. Before the unwrapping of the gifts started, we took time to read the Christmas story & to discuss why we give gifts to each other. For many of the children and even for some of our housemothers this was their first Christmas to celebrate with presents and to reflect on the REAL meaning of CHRISTmas.

(Pastor Uncle Louie reading the Christmas story. -notice the nice book rest he used)

(Housemother Selina helping Siya & Granny Susie helping Tumi open their presents)

(Dieketseng very pleased with her gifts)

(Motshidisi wish came true for a watch)

(Siya can't decide what to play with first and
ran out of hands so he could eat his candy)

(Komehelgo is very pleased with his car that makes car noises)

(Paulina got her wish for a doll & tea set)

Thank You to everyone who generously gave to the children at Restoring Hope Village to make Christmas so special for them. The children had a super exciting day & were very blessed by all the gifts they received. I do believe each child is truly grateful.

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Martha Cole said...

JOYFUL JOYFUL.....that's what comes to mind as I view the faces of the delighted children. I do love seeing my dear girls from The Pines.... blessings to all of you with love.

Grandmother "M"