Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tom and Todd

Tom and Todd recently spent 2 weeks with us at The Village. This was Tom's fifth trip to help us and this time his brother Todd also came along. Tom and Todd were great fun to have around and also very helpful. They helped Brian construct an electric fence for the entire perimeter of the property. They also helped with other projects around The Village.

The kids loved hanging out with them in the afternoons. There last night here they spoiled everyone with pizza and steak for supper.

Thanks guys, we can't wait until you come again...hopefully soon!

{This is the electric fence they constructed. Its a bit difficult to get a good picture of the fence and the picture doesn't give all the long days of hard work justice}

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Earle Family said...

Looks pretty difficult to me! I couldn't imagine! I'm sure that will be wonderful to have up!