Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hope Community Church

Toward the end of February a wonderful group from Hope Community Church joined us for 2 weeks. We happily welcomed back some friends that came last year and quickly became friends with those we didn't know. The two weeks this group was here was the fastest two weeks filled with lots of hard work but also lots of laughs, good discussions, spiritual refreshment & fun.

The group worked on two main projects with many other little projects wedged in also. Half of the team worked mostly with Louie on constructing our new Guest Cottage. They named themselves 'Team Block' because they moved & lifted around 900 cement blocks each weighing 32 pounds. They built the exterior walls of the cottage with the cement blocks in about 5 days. Libby and Rachel did an awesome job keeping up with Louie and Josh.

They also managed to get the roof trusses fabricated and put into place, the roof on and the ceiling completed.

While Team Block was busy building the Cottage, the rest of the team worked on constructing the beginning towers of our future playground with Brian. We have a small shortage of cement blocks right now so the towers couldn't be completed but they got as far as they could go. Brian's ideal dream for this playground is for it to resemble something of a castle. When its completed it will have 4 towers that are connected by various forms of bridges & tunnels. Two of the towers are going to be 3 levels high and the other two just 2 levels high. As you can see, Brian has put great thought into this playground. Unfortunately, right now it is just a couple of towers, but someday it will be awesome, we hope.

I also need to add that Sue stayed extra busy painting just about anything she could get her paintbrush onto. She painted our front gate that was starting to get rusty. But she spent most of her time starting and completing the detail work on the O'Tools house. She painted trim, baseboard, interior doors & anything else to make it look great.

Along with the work they also had fun with the kids but that will be for another post.

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Martha Cole said...

Great to keep up with you and the children. You're certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Hope there are no more "boo boo's" with hurt kids.... the pictures are worth a thousand words :-)