Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rosie's House

Rosie joined Restoring Hope Village in February and has been a wonderful addition to the group. She is 12 years old and is in grade 7 at school. Rosie's mother passed away sometime ago, leaving Rosie to live with her granny and older sister. Her granny can no longer care for her because of her poor health. Her older sister is 18 years old and still lives with their granny.

Rosie had the privilege of going to one of the better schools in town before coming to The Village. She is the first child we've ever received that is in her correct academic grade for her age and she speaks perfect English. Rosie is full of personality, quick thinking and talks a lot. Another unique experience happened when she came to live at The Village. The day she arrived with her social worker and walked into her new house it was like a family reunion just happened. Her new housemother, Mama Selina, used to work in a cresh that Rosie attended when she was 5 and 6 years old. Our Lord is faithful in His surprise blessings!

This past weekend, Rosie came to Uncle Brian and asked for some help with a school project. She needed to build something for school and she wanted to build a house. Of course she picked the perfect person to help her build a house. Brian had her sit down and draw a picture of what she wanted the house to look like and then they went to work. Brian thoroughly enjoys these kinds of projects.

With a little bit of measuring, cutting, nailing, glueing, sanding and painting Rosie got a bigger and better house then she was anticipating. It might look like Brian did all the work but she was right there and helped with the project.

They had extra time so Uncle Brian added on a patio and made a table, bed with duvet cover and toilet for inside.

And might I add, these are the fun things we get to do that make up for any bad days we might have.

Living and Loving our Life in South Africa

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Martha Cole said...

Such a happy story ...which certainly helps take away the sting of the very unfortunate story just yesterday. Brian The Builder and Rosie obvioulsy had a bonding experience....proud pictures are worth a thousand words.

love and Blessings, M