Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pray for Atlehang

It has been a long time since I've had the time to blog. It seems a bit daunting to even start again because I have so many fun and exciting stories that I wish I could have been sharing along the way. But it is very fitting and appropriate time to start blogging again because I know many of you pray for us and you will also pray for this little girl.

Atlehang was officially put into our care at Restoring Hope Village on March 28th at the same time she was admitted to the government hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia but really her diagnoses could go on and on. Atlehang was referred to us through Morning Star Children's Centre and a social worker was willing to place her in our care and out of her granny's care.

Atlehang is 9 years old, only weighing 27 pounds. (Lindie, 3 years old, is wearing bigger clothes than Atlehang) She has been neglected for a while. She was living with a granny that used the foster care grant for gambling and not properly feeding and caring for Atlehang. Atlehang spent 20 days in the hospital and was recently discharged. After only being with us for 10 days yesterday she had to be admitted again to the hospital. We are praying this hospital stay isn't as long, but reality looks as if is might be as long or longer.

Mama Selina has formed a special bond
 with Atlehang that is heartwarming to see first hand. 
The doctors are currently uncertain of what is happening in her body but we heard a lot of speculation yesterday all revolving around TB issues. Her body has no immune system to fight anything.

Yesterday our housemother spent from 7AM-10:30pm at 2 different clinics and casualty (ER) trying to get her admitted. I spent a few hours helping with this making 2 trips to the hospital and taking them lunch and supper since the day was dragging on forever. Our newest short-term missionary, Abby, spent the last 4 hrs with them last night. Brian was finally able to fetch Abby and our housemother at 10:30 last night and Atlehang was finally admitted to the children's ward.

Dieketseng painting Atlehang's nails. 
We ask that you pray with us that the doctors will have wisdom and compassion in knowing how to treat whatever she has and that Atlehang's body will respond to the treatment. Also pray for her to have peace and comfort while at the hospital. We are only able to visit for an hour or little more in the afternoon because of set visiting hours at the hospital. And please pray for all of our staff at The Village as we try to arrange transportation and scheduling to visit Atlehang. 

Here are a few pictures of Atlehang during her last hospital stay.

We try to do a few fun things and shower her with special food like KFC and Pizza.

Here we had a little pizza party in her ward room and shared with her little neighbor. He thought it was the best.

Atlehang's little neighbor in the ward enjoying pizza with us

We didn't really know each other before the hospital but after a few visits we now know each other quite well. 

Dieketseng playing her guitar and the girls singing at the hospital


Robert Niehoff said...

Wonderful write up, Lois. Thanks for keeping us all informed! God bless you for the hours and hours you spend leading this ministry to Atlehang.

Martha Cole said...

It is so like my friends at RHI to make multiple visits to the hospital in addition to making sure everything else is being looked after at the Village...knowing you all is to love you you share the love of Jesus each and every day.