Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keeping up with Life

Its been a while since I'v talked about just our everyday life. Everyday is random, eventful, and usually ends up being completely different then what I originally had planned. I will start with this past Friday. Breakfast was over and Liam and I were picking up the mess leftover from Lindie's party. We were enjoying our time, partially cleaning and partially playing at the same time. All of sudden I noticed there was a bird flying around in our kitchen and then into our dining room and play area. The bird was flying crazy, running into the walls and frantically trying to get out but wasn't successful. The bird came in through our kitchen door and wasn't finding the way out. While dodging the bird, I open all our windows and the other door trying to make an easy way out for this bird. The bird must have been so anxious that while it was flying around it was also pooping all over-the windows, walls, table, on the kid's toys, floor, curtains. Yuck, is there anything worse then bird poop inside the house?

Of course, I stopped and took a few pics and even a video of this poor bird making a mess all over my house.

Thankfully the bird finally found a way out via an open window and then I had to clean up the mess. -Yuck

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