Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Lord's Hand Is In It All

Since May Brian has been working with a local architect and engineer to get all the paperwork and drawings submitted for 3 building permits-1 staff house and 2 children's houses. Everything seems to take so long to accomplish-there seems to always be one more thing that needs changed or waiting on one more quote for windows ect. Finally about 2 weeks ago everything was completed and the application was submitted for our building permits.

Brian has been working the city building inspector since the start, but all things take time. The head guy in charge of approving or denying building plans is way behind, all building plans are supposed to be approved/rejected within 30 days. We were told that some people have been waiting for more then 6 months. Ugg.

After waiting about one week, Brian then started visiting the guy in charge, just asking if our plans could be rushed through and trying to answer any questions he might have. Brian explained we had a group of Americans coming to help us build these houses and we really needed these permits. Brian has become very gifted in explaining what we are doing and then asking people to help, in this case rush our plans through. The guy said he would see what he could do and told Brian to come back Thursday at 2pm. So in due course, Brian went that morning to make sure he remembered about the 2'O clock meeting and to provide more materials for him.

The afternoon meeting went very well. The house foundations were designed by a local engineer so there was no problems there, but he did try to find problems with our block making methods. After a phone call to the company in Cape Town, an email and a 30 minute meeting, Brian left with all 3 permits for the houses! Praise God!

What you need to understand that this is completely of the Lord-nothing that we have done but only the Lord's desire to see things continue on. There are 180 plans submitted before ours, some were submitted 6 months ago and those people are still waiting. As Brian left the office, the staff members asked Brian how he managed to get his permits so quickly. All the amazement and glory has been given to God.

Please rejoice with us and give God the praise!

{Finally preparations on the foundation were completed on Friday}

Friday the city inspector and foundation engineer both signed off for their inspection and the guys finished the last of the prep work for pouring the foundations. Tomorrow morning, Monday August 9, the guys will start around 6AM {Sun up} in mixing and pouring the first foundation at Restoring Hope Village. We have a team of 6 ISU guys here to help, in all there will be 12 guys working all day until this is completed. Please pray for safety, wonderful weather and wisdom in all that must be completed.

{On Monday this pile of rock and stacks of cement will become our foundation}

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Chris Meinders <> said...

That is so awesome. God is amazing in how He moves. Praise Him for the speedy movement of the government.

We will continue to pray for you in this.

Chris & Joy