Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As our friends in the States are enjoying Fall and getting ready for Winter, we have ushered in Spring and enjoying Summer like weather. YEAH
Even though its technically only Spring, the temperatures have been hot enough for the kids to play in their kiddy pool. We had a blow up pool that I dug out and started filling up, but quickly discovered it had a few leaks. We looked at the local stores for a kiddy pool but they are all expensive and a piece of junk. So resourceful daddy came up with another plan.
About 2 years ago some friends offered us a small fish pond that they were no longer using in their yard. At the time we had no need for a fish pond. Brian went back to them now and asked if they still had it and they did.
Check this out-Brian made this old, fiberglass fish pond into a wonderful little kiddy pool for Liam and Lindie. He drilled a hole in the bottom and put in a bathtub drain and plug to make it easy for draining and cleaning, cleaned it up and painted it.


Liam and Lindie have fun in it almost every day and often Meredith and Drake join us! Its a bit crowed with 4 kids, but it works out because they usually are busy enough getting in and out.

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