Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Team Fun

I am a bit behind on posting things on the blog. Here are a few more pictures of the POG team.

{Few more construction pictures}

{Lori and Sara helping us with craft time at the Hospice Daycare}

{Listening to Tom read a very long Dr Seuss Book at
7:30AM was great entertainment for all of us}

{The kids also enjoyed the team and received a little TLC from them}

{After visiting children in the hospital and a tour of Hani Park, the team had lunch and DJ's house. A traditional meal in the township of Walkie Talkies (chicken feet and heads). Tom was the only one to eat a chickens head}

Lindie getting a little attention during lunch time at the property}

{The team visited Dunamis Christian School and gifted 17 children
with new school bags and supplies}

{A little daddy time during lunch}


Martha Cole said...

Thanks, Lois. We just love seeing the kids and everyone doing such good work. It makes you seem closer :-)

sue said...

Now for some Granny time!!