Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Announcing Baby #3

I thought I better start off with our biggest news, we are excited to share Baby #3 is coming our way. I am already 20 weeks, so time is passing by swiftly. Our due date is December 16, but I am hoping this baby keeps up with the trend and comes a little early.

One thing different and nice about OB doctor appointments here is that we get an ultrasound every time we go to the doctor. We had an appointment this past Monday and the doctor did a detailed ultrasound looking at the heart, stomach, major organs, 10 fingers and 10 toes. Even saw the baby boy waving and open and closing his little mouth. So it looks like we are going to have a talker :)

Liam says that the baby is his Christmas present, so he is very excited about having a baby. He also thinks that Christmas is tomorrow and not 5 months away. Lindie on the other hand says "no" to a baby brother so we will have to keep working on her.

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