Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lindie Turned 2 years Old!

Yesterday we had a wonderful time celebrating Lindie's 2nd birthday. I remember when Liam turned 2 he really didn't understand that it was his birthday. But I'm pretty sure Lindie understood it was her birthday because Liam has been prepping her for the past few weeks.

Her special day started with birthday chocolate chip pancakes. After breakfast we opened presents from family. She had fun opening gifts and she even shared with Liam. After all of that it was a usual day until the afternoon.

Together Brian and I made her cake. We planned on making a castle cake and had an idea of how to do it and I asked Brian to help me trim the cakes and make them flat. Well shortly after he started helping he kinda took over and pretty much decorated the entire cake by himself. We had a lot of fun working together.

Around 3:30 our friends started coming and we enjoyed the yummy cake, popcorn, candies and juice. Of course the kids had fun playing with toys and making messes-we had about 9 kids here.

We always miss our family on special days like this but we are thankful for skype and video chats to help us share the day with them.


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Earle Family said...

Wish we could have been there. Miss you all! We'll miss you in a few days/weeks when Joshua turns two also. Hopefully Lindie isn't as mischievous as he is!