Monday, June 18, 2012

My Half Birthday

I must share that I have the best husband in the entire world. Last week, amongst the craziness of life, he remembered that is was my half-birthday and he surprised me with gifts, flowers, and candles. He had this planned far enough in advance to have something brought over for me from the States with the team that was here. A iMac Magic Mouse. What a guy!

Thankfully we had made brownies for dessert that night and he used it as my cake. To stay in the theme of "half" he put half the amount of candles on one-half of the cake. He's not only wonderful but clever!

To clarify why he surprised me with a half celebration, it is because my birthday is in December along with our anniversary and Christmas. He always feels like I get gypped because of that and we've joked about having half-birthdays and anniversaries but never have done it before.

Thanks Babe-love you so much!


lawrence said...

A priceless memory Lois, lovely.
Will you tell me what gypped means when i see you againxxx

Martha Cole said...

What a neat story to share....Lawrence, you are a dear fellow, and I got a chuckle from your post.