Monday, July 23, 2012

Kids Bible Club & More

I have so many wonderful things to share that I'm not sure where to start. I will begin with our last group that here. We had a group from Powell Ohio and a couple from Point of Grace Church during the first two weeks in July. They had a full two weeks of ministry related outreaches and kept busy with these outreaches in the Welkom community.

They helped with outreaches and canvasing around our church, Welkom Baptist Church, and also in the OD township area for Pastor Vincent. Spent time visit children in the hospital and trying to help brighten each child's day with a little gift, hugs and smiles. They also spent time with the children here at The Village doing crafts, playing games, singing and enjoyed a traditional African meal in their homes. The team also helped with projects around The Village in painting and getting our sign up on the playground. During the teams last week here they hosted a Kids Bible Club at our Church and did an excellent job!

We held the Kids Bible Club for 3 days with our last day having over 90 kids in attendance. Allison, one of our summer volunteers, took on the role of Ranger Alli and did a super job of getting the kids excited about learning about Jesus and singing everyday.

Painting the O'Tools House

playground sign 

Game Time

Kids Bible Club at Welkom Baptist Church
Ranger Alli with a few helpers for song time

Games and Craft time

Thanks Jim, Kim, Holli, Zach, Clara, Mick and Lori 
for joining with us in the ministry here at Restoring Hope Village. 

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