Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Building the Fence

Well the saga of building the perimeter fence continues. There is a lot of fencing to erect, so you will be hearing a lot about it. Brian picks DJ and Brilliant up in town every morning and then they come back to our house to load up the necessary equipment for the day.

Liam often goes with daddy for this morning run--and often in his pjs. Ya gotta love this outfit.

Today the guys dug another 35 holes for the fence posts and tomorrow they will set 35 post. According to Brilliant, setting the post is the hardest part of the job, he doesn't mind digging the holes too much.

DJ says the hardest part of the job is mixing the cement with Uncle Brian and pushing it across the property to the fence posts.

DJ also says that lunch is his favorite part of the day:)

The other day Louie asked Brian a question about the layout of the property. Brian said "haven't you seen the new layout?" Louie says "No" Brian says "here, let me show you". So what does Brian do, he draws the property layout on top of our car in the dust and then he asks Louie "do you have any questions?"

To see more pictures and video clips of the construction visit RHI's facebook page. Well it is time for bed. Talk to you all tomorrow! Cheers

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