Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life of Leisure--well kinda of

This morning it was just Lindie and me so we decided to have some fun. We went to a coffee shop for a cappuccino and pancakes. The pancakes here are more like crepes with cinnamon and sugar filling. They are really good and Lindie really likes them. After that we decided to do a little window shopping in the nearby shops. I usually don't venture out to do window shopping with both kids. While window shopping I ran into a lady from church and she asked how I was doing. She ended up inviting me over to have coffee at her house, now now. She said she just had to finish a little shopping. So, 45 minutes later we left. I am so thankful that Lindie is a good baby:)

Usually when someone invites you over to have coffee it also means tea, but today no tea was offered so I drank coffee. I don't usually drink coffee. Another side note, its instant coffee. Thankfully she put a lot of sugar and milk in the coffee. Needless to say, I had a lot of caffeine this morning. It gave me enough energy to come home to make lunch, iron and fold the laundry and of course take pictures at the property.

So what happened today at the property. 35 more fence posts were installed. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Martha Cole said...

Hi Lois and Brian,
I just love "let's have coffee NOW NOW".....and then it's ONLY 45 minutes later...from what I've heard it could have been a lot longer :-)

Can't help but think Brian and Louie are getting all the exercise they need these days. The work is going along quickly to those of us watching from afar, but probably not so much to those actually doing the work!!! Prayers for safety to all as God's work progresses.