Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life-What's New?

Life for us as a family is pretty much normal. Brian works at the property from 7:15AM to 5ish. They are making great progress on the perimeter fence. Today they completed 30 more sections of fencing. It is looking so good. It is just amazing how much work has already been accomplished.

30 sections completed today!

The kids and I make at least one visit a day to the property to check out the progress and of course we need to take pictures. Liam always comes home completely dirty-most of the time I have to change his clothes. But that is ok, he sure loves to play in the dirt and to be part of the action.

You may be wondering where Lindie is during all these visits to the property. Don't worry she is there, well sort of, she gets left in the car while we are walking around. But she is always happy and rarely complains about being stuck in her car seat! (don't worry, she is always in eye sight)

As for me, I get to take the pictures and video clips. I'm learning to be more techno savy, which is a big improvement for me. I also get to make lunch and deliver it to the guys. Along with Liam and Lindie, my days seem pretty full and busy. We are loving being back in South Africa and the weather is gorgeous. The evenings are starting to cool off and at times are chilly but the days are filled with bright, warm sunshine at a perfect temperature between 75-80 degrees F.

Don't forget to check out RHI's Facebook page, we've been uploading new pictures and video clips of the construction being done.

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Earle Family said...

Wow, Lindie is starting to look so much like you, Lois. She's beautiful! I'm so glad you have a blog now! I'm excited to follow it! Love you all!