Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cowboy and Bubble Bee

Liam's preschool teacher was very intrigued with the idea of halloween and dressing up, so this year at school she had a halloween party. To help celebrate, I made jack-o-latern cupcakes for Liam to take to school and he dressed up as a cowboy.

The O'Tools and us also had our own little halloween party for our kids. We really aren't into halloween that much, but to help provide a little bit of fun for the kids we decided to dress them up. Since there is no trick or treating here, we hid candy outside for them to find, pretty much it was an Easter egg hunt for Halloween. At least they had a little fun, ate candy, cake and it gave us something to do.

Lindie was not impressed with her bubble bee outfit, so it didn't stay on very long. She also would not sit still for any pictures.

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