Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where did October Go?

I can't believe how busy we have been. I actually have a few funny things and lots of other general happenings to blog about, but haven't had the time.

Last week we moved into another house because the house we were renting was sold and we had to move. I have to admit that moving isn't my favorite thing to do, but we've done a lot of it in the past year. We are praying that we are only in this house for 2 maybe 3 months. Brian and crew are working hard on our house at The Village, in hopes of us moving in by the end of December. That would be fantastic! Needless to say, I am not unpacking everything and not decorating the house. A few pictures on the wall, mainly so they aren't laying around to get broken. We will put up the Christmas tree and decorations when the time comes.

During the move, Liam came down with a nasty stomach bug that seems to be going around Welkom. He was sick for about a day, but managed to make a LOT of laundry for me to do. Liam threw up on Brian 3 times and got him good every time. It was nasty.

The move hasn't been as easy on the kids as we thought it would be. Liam was a bit off for a few days, really naughty and potty training went backwards. Thankfully, Liam is now becoming more comfortable with the house and is getting back to normal. Lindie is now running a fever throughout the day, but I discovered she has 2 big molars coming in. So ouch! Poor little girl.

While I unpacked the kitchen dishes, Liam and Lindie played with play dough. Lindie has started to climb, a lot. She thinks its so much fun to stand on the chair-which I always tell her to sit down. She's learning, I hope.

But when I'm not watching, I also often find her sitting or standing on the table. {Naughty little girl}

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