Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liam on the Roof!

The other night Brian was outside playing with Liam and his bouncy ball. Liam LOVES playing with any kind of ball, but bouncy balls are very fun. Of course Brian had to see how high he could make it bounce, which lead to it getting stuck on the roof of the house. So next came getting out a ladder and climbing on the roof to find it. While Brian was on the roof looking for the ball and I was in the house getting supper ready, Liam decided to climb up the ladder by himself.
Now Liam is very use to climbing ladders and he started rather young. He successfully learned to climb up and down a ladder by himself at 15 months.

The next thing Brian sees is Liam on the roof. Thankfully Brian wasn't too far away and quickly helped him down, after I got his picture.

As a mother, did this phase me? Not really. Liam pretty much climbs anything and hangs from high places. He's been on the roofs at the property with Brian and Uncle Louie, he has hung from the rafters and continues to go back for more. Its to be expected when raising a boy!

{Brian lifting Liam off the roof to me.
I accidentally took a picture as I was reaching for him}

{Liam on the wall of the children's house at The Village.
Yes, that's right-He is about 11ft up in the air & enjoying it}

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