Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby #3 Update

Our family was planning on leaving for a holiday today but poor little Liam was sick throughout the night so our plans changed a bit. We are still hoping to leave tomorrow for our holiday. Liam seems a bit better this afternoon. We are praying he will be up to traveling tomorrow and that we get a good night sleep tonight before heading out for a 10 hour drive. Since we are home today, I have a bit of time to blog. {Yeah, that doesn't happen often anymore}

We had a baby doctor appointment yesterday and everything went really well. We got new pictures of the handsome baby boy. Per the ultrasound he is registering at a nice size and he is very busy inside. Even tho I did not need an ultrasound to tell me he is a busy boy.

{Hand & arm in front of his face}

I am now 24 weeks and this is my baby bubble.

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Deenasplace said...

First, very cute picture! How do your other children feel about having a new brother? You have such a beautiful family, God bless you all!