Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liam's New Bed

Last week a family we know from Welkom moved to Zambia. They were moving to a furnished house, which allowed us to buy a few pieces of furniture for ourselves and The Village. Liam ended up with a set of bunk-beds. He was super excited about getting a 'big' bed. The timing was perfect because the week before Lindie learned how to climb out of her crib, but in a rather uncontrolled manner. While we were waiting for the bunk-beds, Lindie took over Liam's toddler bed for safety reasons and Liam slept in the crib because he could climb in and out without difficulty. Liam thought it was great fun sleeping in Lindie's bed-so it worked out fine.

Liam received Thomas the Train sheets and blanket for his birthday so he was all prepared to have a new bed.

{Helping daddy put his bed together}

{Halfway Done}

{Yeah, Liam is very happy}

{Job Well Done}
{Lindie checking out the top bed, even tho she still sleeps in the toddler bed}

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Martha Cole said...

Those smiles are PRICELESS!