Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Construction Update

I just can't believe this week is half over-where have the days gone?? It is so amazing to see the progress that has been accomplished at the property. The fence is looking so good and provides such an energetic atmosphere. The property is already feeling like "home"! On Monday the guys dug 50 holes in preparation for this week. The digging was hard, very difficult compared to the other holes. The ground must be getting harder because of winter coming and the fact that we haven't had any rain in a while. The guys persevered and got the job done tho:) Yesterday 35 fence post were set, taking the fence to the second corner of the property! Today another 15 post were set and 35 sections of slabs were placed-giving the fence a real feel of almost being completed. The fact is the fence is nearing completion but once this section is completed, they must complete another 58 section on the other side of the property. Realistically they are looking at another week or a bit more-but Wow, look at what has already been accomplished!

Yesterday Brian was sick with the stomach flu and wasn't able to work. This was to DJ's benefit-he learned how drive the Bob Cat and was also given the responsibility of mixing the concrete by himself. The kid you see in this picture with DJ is Hendrick-he lives in the house on the corner by our property. A funny story about Hendrick-the first day Brian and the guys were digging holes Hendrick came by after school and asked what they were doing. Brian told him digging holes and asked if he wanted to help. Brian told him he would pay him 5 Rand for each hole. Hendrick said "yes", and left to change his clothes. Brian didn't think he would come back, but he did. He started digging and dug about half a hole (more then Brian thought he would do) and said "I need to go home and eat some bread and then I'll come back". South Africans love to eat bread! Well he never came back that day to finish his hole but he does come around often to see what the guys are doing and sometime helps a bit.

Today I had a meeting with a group of social workers from KMD and it went very well! The property-Restoring Hope Village-is in KMD's "zone" for providing social work services and they are very excited to work with us. I'v been in contact and have worked with this group over the past 4 years but before we weren't in their area to receive services from them. Now we are and I think it is just the beginning of a great partnership with their office.

Well I think that is all for today-Thanks for reading and most of all thanks for your prayers. Feel free to leave us a comment or two.


sue said...

How wonderful God is working in your connections with KMD. Praise HIM!!

We are loving your blog, and eating up every message. It is so great to see the fence progress, knowing that it is the first step to such mighty works.

Super also to see DJ and Brilliant involved and earning a living. God really pulls all the corners of ministry together to make things happen for His Glory!

Thanks, praying always for you.

anne said...

ditto! really enjoy your posts and pics and updates. thanks for taking the time to do this!

Earle Family said...

Nice Work! I bet it feels good to have gotten so far.