Thursday, June 10, 2010

The question of the day. Are we working?

Winter has come full force in South Africa. Ok, it isn't as cold and bad as mid-west Iowa winter but its still cold, in a different way. The evenings do get rather chilly, especially because there isn't central heating. We do have a portable gas heater that we use when needed, like tonight:) During the winter months June, July and August it is typically very dry. Rain is not expected, especially after such a rainy summer.

Last night Ben (Louie's cousin who is staying with them for 2 1/2 months) told them he was hoping for rain so they wouldn't have to work tomorrow. Ben knew that tomorrow (Thursday) was going to be a long hard day of work-setting 49 fence posts. Amber's response to Ben's wish was "you don't know Brian do you". Lo and behold it did rain last night and it continued into today. And guess what? The guys worked. Ben made the wrong wish...oops

This morning, DJ and Brilliant phoned Brian asking, hoping, assuming they wouldn't be working today because it was cold and rainy. The temperature was about 45 degrees F. Of course Brian's response was "Uhh, yes we are working". The boys made it to work on time but barely. They were really wanting a rain day.

Despite the cold and rain they did get all 49 post set. They still have a bit of cement work to do tomorrow but all in all it was a decent day at work.


Alida said...

Hahaha ... this is actually so typical - we had snow once and the whole town came to a complete standstill! Phillip even received a certificate because he went to work that day - walking because the roads was not "rideable"!!! Enjoy your nice and cold weekend ... Alida

Earle Family said...

I tell you what! I'd NEVER want to work for Brian! :-) But I'd sure want him doing work for me. :-)