Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DJ & Brilliant-World Cup Game

Have you ever had the privilege of giving someone a gift that would be a dream come true for that person?
Yesterday we had the great privilege of gifting DJ and Brilliant with World Cup tickets to the South Africa vrs France game. I wish you could have heard them when they found out they were going to the game. Their excitement was overwhelming!

We gave these guys tickets to the game as a thank you for working so diligently at Restoring Hope Village. These boys have proven themselves over the past couple of months. They work hard each and everyday. They don't make a lot working for us so we try to help them in other ways. We also know that the boys (as so many others in this country) would never be able to afford to go to such a historic event taking place in their country.

Brian and I had such an enjoyable day yesterday with DJ and Brilliant. The drive to the game (minus the stress of road construction), watching them hold their tickets, walking to the stadium, watching them make their own video of their day was just a hoot.

While they watched the game we hung out at no other than McDonald's. Yup that's right, McD's is also here. Lindie was also with us and she was a real trooper all day. Liam stayed back home with Nanna and Pops. We weren't the only ones watching the game here. A few local police stopped to watch, the parking lot security guards who were suppose to be outside made their way inside and there were other customers. While watching the game at McDonalds there were a few times we wished we had ear plugs to wear. When South Africa scored the employees and guests would erupt into cheers and blowing vuvuzela's (yes inside the restaurant-it was super loud). It is too bad South Africa isn't advancing to the second round, but at least they played a good game and won against France.

I put together a little video of the guys going to the game, the fans, the noise, the city and their remarks after the game but I am having a difficult time uploading it. I will have to try again tomorrow. Until then, Good Night.

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