Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, your Uncle Brian's wife

This afternoon Lindie and I were sitting outside in our front yard. Today was a beautiful sunny day and much warmer to be outside then inside. So we take every minute of warmth we can get.

About once a week, I have someone stop at our front gate asking for a job so they can earn money to buy food. They often want to wash our car, rake our lawn or do anything. I never offer strangers a job so when I turn them down then they often ask for food or money. I also don't give out money but I do give out food with a track written in SeSotho. Sometimes I have repeats but usually its different people.

Today was no different. A middle aged guy stopped and started talking in Afrikaans to me. Of course I said no Afrikaans only English. He switched to English explaining to me he didn't want to beg for food so he needed a job so he could buy his own food. His family had no food at home and he needed to provide for them. I told him I had no jobs but would give him food. I went inside and got a loaf of bread and bag of apples. He was most grateful for his food and I striked up a bit of a conversation with him. I asked him his name and where he lived. His name is Victor and lives on a farm in Naudeaville but he pays to live there. I immediately thought #7 but didn't say anything yet. He went onto explain where he lived and then I finally said, "you live at #7". He immediately stopped talking and just looked at me. He said "you know it" I said yes. He asked how. I said, "do you know The Pines" Again he stopped, took a long look at me and then said so profoundly "You are Uncle Brian's wife"

Come to find out, Uncle Brian knows Victor very well and he has stopped by the new property many times. For those of you who have been here, #7 is just down the road a bit from The Village.

Well that is my random story of today and a very ironic way to be known as "Uncle Brian's wife"

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Gampa and Gamma said...

"Uncle Brian" I like that, it has a ring to it. So then.. are you "Aunt Lois"?
Your kids are growing up fast. I like the picture you have on here. It's a great picture of them.
Thanks for sharing this story Lois. Can I start calling him "Uncle Brian"
Bob Wright
AKA Gampa and Gamma