Thursday, July 1, 2010

Germany vs England

On Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Bloemfontein with Louie, Amber, & Ben to see the Germany vs England game.
When we bought the tickets we were thinking/hoping that the US would be playing in this game. We were expecting the US to be second in their category not #1 but the US ended up being first which left us watching this match. It was an excellent game to see!

We were able to leave all the kids back in Welkom with babysitters, so we had a fantastic day all around. We arrived plenty early to allow us to get good parking (so we could get out quickly, because we didn't want our babysitters to get stuck all night), eat lunch, take in all the soccer festivities of watching crazy fans & just to enjoy ourselves. Hey you only go to a World Cup game once in your life.

Brian & I weren't exactly sure who we wanted to cheer for, but we decided to go for Germany. Our decision was based on three very scientific reasons 1. We've both have been to Germany 2. We have friends that live in Germany & 3. We have 2 German vehicles. It was a good thing we decided to cheer for them because they ended up winning.

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Baggage said...

Glad to see that you guys had a good time at the World Cup, would have loved to have seen Brian playing the Vuvuzela. haha.