Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Away!

Two weekends ago we were able to get away as a family. Knowing that building at the property will be beginning soon, we thought it best to get away now while we have the opportunity. Once building begins there will be no stopping. We spent the weekend in Pretoria just hanging out at the mall, looking at dirt bikes and visiting the zoo.

Welkom is rather small and has very little to do as any form of entertainment so even a big mall is thrilling. Most of Friday was spent traveling and going to the chiropracter, something we also don't have in Welkom. Saturday was a fun day filled with looking at dirt bikes and quad bikes. Liam LOVED going into the dealers and seeing all the fun. He would walk in and say "Wow" and "Cool". This was definitely the highlight of the weekend for him and for Brian. Liam gets his love for the outdoors and motorbikes from him dad.

We visited the Pretoria Zoo in the afternoon and had a great time. Liam and Lindie both seemed to enjoy the animals. We had fun watching the animals and seeing many animals that you often don't see at a zoo in the States. A few animals include hippos, river hogs, big elephants, baby kola bear ect. But the most interesting looking animal was the okapi. The Okapi resembles the zebra but are most closely related to the giraffe.

The kids were pretty tired after the zoo, so we went back and took a short nap before heading out for supper. Sunday morning we had a late breakfast and then the kids enjoyed an outdoors play area. As you can see the possibilities of making children's play equipment out of old oil barrels and metal are endless! This was a great way of getting out their energy before heading back home with a 4 hour drive.

We had a wonderful time away and are now back to life as usual and loving that also.

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