Friday, July 2, 2010

The Little Things...part 1

The Little Things...That Remind Us that We Live in South Africa. After 4 years of living in South Africa we've become accustom to random, bizarre, strange, and peculiar things in life. Most of the time we don't even think twice about things anymore but we still have those times when we say "you wouldn't see that in America".

Today happened to be one of those days. Amber and I took the kids to Clear Water, a play place, this morning and enjoyed a cappuccino while the kids were playing. While we were away for 6 months the owners have expanded the play area by adding more play equipment, petting area of baby animals, kids train, ect. Before we left, before they expanded it cost R20 {$2.63} for each child to play. Since they have expanded the cost has decreased, it now only cost R5 {$.65} per child. Hmm, one would think if you make the place nicer it would cost more to play now. Anyways, that is a good change.

The play area is definitely not up to the US standards for safety but we aren't in the US. Most of the play equipment is made of metal with a hard cement or dirt surface underneath. Part of the new "child friendly equipment" includes an old speed boat, Dune Buggy and Taxi to play in. The doors have been removed and carpet added to the floors for safe playing. (I didn't take pictures of this grand play equipment, I will have to do that next time)

They also added a nice train for the kids to ride on. The train is great & the kids love it. It is made out of old barrels, scrap metal and it has a pull start engine. The train cars are made to look like soda pop cans. I totally see ones of these becoming part of The Village someday. Brian could easily rig something like this up only better.

Seat belts aren't necessary because you cram as many kids onto the seat as possible so there is no wiggle room for falling out!

Don't worry about the rust, just make sure you have an up to date tetnus shot to ride ;-P

Compared to some of things Liam has played in, crawled on and been exposed to since living in South Africa this is really nice.

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