Sunday, July 4, 2010


We celebrated the 4th of July yesterday with the O'Tools. The guys made blocks in the morning because they ran out of time on Friday to get them made. For lunch time we gathered at Louie & Amber's to grill. We enjoyed lunch and had a good game of croquet afterwards. I started out doing a terrible job & was in last place most of the game. Louie was in the lead most of the game. Before the game started Louie said he would buy the winner a Coke. Most of the time he only offers a shiny nickel, so this is a big step up for rewards. As it happened, Louie ended up being the first looser and I ended up winning. He still owes me that Coke!

After our game of croquet we played botchi ball but we had to play with croquet balls and a golf ball because we don't own a botchi ball set. It worked just fine. The O'Tools yard is a little small for this game so we ended up playing in the street & just outside the fences of their neighbor's yards as well.

Today we went to church and then out for coffee and pancakes. We enjoy going to Alma Nursery as a family and we often take Nana and Pops with us (Trish and Lawrence are our adoptive South African grandparents).

South African pancakes are really more like crepes and American pancakes are called flap jacks here. We enjoy having cinnamon and sugar inside ours with a side of cream or ice cream. You can get them made either sweet or savory. If you like savory you can choose a wide variety of fillings like chicken, tuna, mayo or tomatoes.

Alma Nursery is a garden nursery with lots of nice plants, trees, and fish ponds. Liam and Lindie both love looking at the fish ponds. They also have a nice playground area for the kids to play while we sit and enjoy our pancakes.

Brian almost bought Liam a gold fish today but the guy working their said the kind of fish they have right now need more then a fish bowl, like an oxygen pump or an outside pond. So no gold fish today but I see one coming our way in the near future.

Happy 4th of July to all our friends and family. Miss you all and love you!

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sue said...

I see a fish pond built by Gpa & Gma for Christmas....maybe.
Gpa always thinks I make more work for him. Hmmmmm, yes, probably do.