Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Church in Thabong

This past Sunday (December 12th) we held our second church service in Thabong at a local high school. The need for a good, Bible preaching church in Thabong is overwhelming. Thabong has many, many churches but we have come to realize that most of these churches do not preach the Word of God-often they don't even open the Bible.
Because most of the children that we will be caring for come from Thabong and the young men that have come to know Christ also live in Thabong, it only make sense to start a church where they live.

The high school we meet at is in an absolute disarray. The amount of theft, vandalism and graffiti is overwhelming. Most classrooms don't even look like classrooms anymore. All of the electric cables have been ripped out and stolen. You can see that the classroom doors have been locked at one point, but people have just broken through the locks. The school use to have security fencing around the property, but as you can see the fencing has been relocated to inside the school classrooms. A security guard is also suppose to be on duty, but for both Sundays we have not seen any evidence of a security guard. I can not imagine kids actually learning in this type of environment. I'd love to just observe a few hours during the school day to see how or if these kids actually learn.

We hold church in whatever classroom that can be cleaned up the best. We move all the chairs to sweep up the dirt, litter and other obscene items found. We clean off the chairs, straighten them into rows, set up the key board powered by batteries and prepare for church. Both Sundays we have had 25 people in attendance.

DJ opens the service and also does the scripture reading. Louie and Amber lead songs and Louie preaches.
Amber has been holding Sunday School for children 6 and younger outside.

We are eager to see this church grow and to see many people come to know Christ as their personal Savior. It is only Jesus Christ that can change this country from the ways of their sinful actions. So many people want to see an HIV free generation in South Africa, therefore they promote safe sex and all these other views. What we want these people to come to know, understand and believe is that they need to turn to God. The only way we will ever see a HIV free generation is by changed lives through Jesus Christ.

Please keep this new church in your prayers. Pray that many more will come to church and openly hear the True Word of God. Thank you for your love, support and prayers. We will keep you posted on how things continue to go at church.

Since I'm a little late in getting this posted. This past Sunday, Dec 19, we had 36 in attendance!

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