Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Birthday Present

This past Saturday was my birthday and I turned 30. I don't think its so bad and at least I don't feel any older :) And I got a really, super cute Yorkie puppy for my birthday from Brian.

I had a fantastic day and pretty much celebrated the entire day. Bob and Susan took us out for breakfast to Wimpy's, then we went to the market and ended up buying my puppy. The kids also rode a few rides, which they enjoyed. Then home for a relaxing afternoon, while Bob and Susan prepared supper for the guests they invited over. That evening they hosted a birthday supper party for me and it ended with a very yummy German chocolate cake with 30 candles. So turning 30 was actually very nice and I'd do it again any day!

{Birthday breakfast at Wimpy's}
{Liam enjoying breakfast}
{Picking out which puppy we want}

{My new puppy}
{Lindie's first ride at the market}
{I had lots of help opening my birthday presents.
Christmas will be lots of fun this year}

{Lindie also loves the new puppy}
{Birthday supper party and cake}
{Our new puppy, Millie}

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Earle Family said...

I guess we can't name out daughter Millie any more, if we end up having a girl! Maybe that's why everyone I mentioned the name to said it sounded more like a dog's name. :-) Oh well! (It was Joe's grandma's name)