Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our 8 year Anniversary

Today Brian and I have been married 8 years. Wow, times sure goes by quickly when you are having fun. We've been so blessed throughout our 8 years of marriage-we've experienced a lot of wonderful things together. Our two most precious gifts from God-Liam and Lindie came along in the past 2 1/2 years and have filled our lives with so much joy.

We also have spent half of our married life living in South Africa and loving it. The Lord has given us so many blessings to be thankful for.

Last week we took 5 days off and went on a holiday to Uvongo and the Indian Ocean. We relaxed, took naps, played in the ocean, visited a light house, and ate banana pancakes at a banana farm. The kids stayed home with grandma and grandpa-so we truly had a relaxing time. We discovered that this was our first time to travel alone in South Africa since 2005. We've decided we should make it an annual holiday.

{Indian Ocean}

{View of the ocean from the balcony of our flat}

{Lighthouse in Port Edwards. We climbed to the top
but couldn't go outside on the balcony because of the high winds}

{Brian on some big rocks out in the ocean}

{We spent a few hours everyday playing in the big ocean waves}

{Enjoyed watching the monkeys}


Earle Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you were able to get away. Mom and dad watched Josh a few days last month and that was great to have more than 24 hours to ourselves. It's nice to have grandparents for that, but like you, it's not as often that they are around to drop the kids off too! Hope you had fun! The monkeys are ADORABLE! You should have asked for one of those for your birthday instead of a puppy. Although your puppy is CUTE!

Bob and Sue said...

Glad you had a great anniversary and great trip to the coast! In your 8 years you have been an excellent example of a godly couple. Your life inspires others to keep true to God and to each other. God bless you as you painstakingly develop RHV for His honor. Thanks for your involvement in the lives of the children of SA.