Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday and had a wonderful day. We didn't celebrate on Thursday because Brian's parents arrived on Wednesday evening!!!! {Yeah} so it would have been too rushing to get everything ready and Thursday is just another day here in South Africa so our friends wouldn't have been able to join us.

We had a beautiful day, its summer ya know, so we are having warm, sunny temperatures while our family is embracing winter. We had a full menu including turkey, stuffing, jello salad, homemade bread rolls, carrots, pumpkin casserole, and pumpkin fritters and more. We finished off with pumpkin and rhubarb pie-It was so yummy!

After our friends left, the O'Tools stayed around for a few more hours. Grandpa Bob gave the kids rides on the four wheeler around our yard and they loved it. Surprisingly enough, Lindie loved it the most I think. Anytime Grandpa Bob tried to get away without her, she'd start running towards the four wheeler with her arms up. She gonna be a little girl with her daddy's adventurous spirit. And that is okay!

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