Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nearing Completion

I love going to the property and seeing every new step that is happening. Each step of progress now really makes the house take on a new look. The door jams and trim are completed! All the painting is done! All the tile has been laid! Just the grouting needs to be done. Today my bathroom mirror was hung along with the toilet being installed and all those fun jobs in the bathroom.

On Wednesday we get carpet for the bedrooms-another yeah. And the sun is out today. We've had A LOT of rain recently along with high winds. We've experienced winds like never before. Even our neighbors at The Village said they've never seen anything like it before. The winds were so bad on Sunday evening that is cause a large section of our concrete fencing to fall over. Another section of the fence also suffered damage but it is still standing. The company that supplied our fence is taking partial blame for the fence materials not holding up against the winds and will be replacing some of the fence at their expense. Praise the Lord!!!

{Lindie and Liam love going to the house during lunch time}

{Brian, Bob and Louie laying the tile}

{Living room and passage almost done}
{As you can see, we received a lot of rain}
{Lawrence, or better known as Pops, helped at
the house by varnishing our front and back door}
{Trim painted and is now all installed}
{Our bedroom}
{Liam and Lindie's bedroom}

{measuring our old curtain, and now Susie is hemming them to length}

Since I started this blog post more has been accomplished. This week carpet was installed in the 3 bedrooms. The front door is on and has a lock :) and the back yard has been tilled up and planted with grass seed.

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