Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby N at 32 weeks

Yesterday we had another baby doctor's appointment and the doctor was able to get some really good pictures of little baby N's face. I am now 32 weeks, so just 8 weeks or possibly less left to go. Liam and Lindie are both getting excited about their new little brother. Liam says the baby is still 'loading' and isn't ready yet. Haha, cute kid.


Jamey (Deen) Elliott said...

Congratulations! You look beautiful Lois!

Martha Cole said...

I agree with look BEAUTIFUL,Lois. Can't wait for the delivery room pictures :-) Brian will know what I mean..we chatted on line about your after Lindie pictures.

The team is doing a great job on the O'Tool house..looks like it won't be too much longer.
Love And Blessings Always <3