Sunday, October 16, 2011

O'Tool Staff House

This past week the guys started laying the cement blocks for the O'Tool's staff house. By Friday they made it to truss height, just the peeks on the ends of the house are left to be completed. We have a team from Lakeside Church, from Polk City Iowa, arriving today and their first project will be helping with the O'Tool house by setting the trusses and putting on the roof. They will also be working on the playground for The Village.

By the end of Monday this is what was completed. The laying of the first two rows of cement blocks are the most time consuming because they have to make sure the spacing is very accurate.

This is progress from Tuesday and Wednesday. You can clearly see the openings for the windows. This is the front of the house.

By the end of Wednesday

This photo shows where our house is located in relation to the O'Tool's house. Our house is on the left in this picture. There is enough space between our two houses for both families to have a double wide covered parking area.

End of Thursday and the trusses were delivered!

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