Saturday, October 1, 2011

Emergency Care

On Thursday, The Village grew by 4 children. A social worker phoned needing temporary care for these children and we quickly stepped in to help. Currently we only have place for boys long-term and the social worker didn't want to split them up. After meeting the children, I think it would have been impossible to separate them even if the social worker wanted to. Thankfully we were able to help them for the night, so they didn't have to sleep at the police station.

It appears the older 2 (the girl holding the baby and the girl in the black shirt) are siblings and their sister was suppose to be caring for them and her 2 children (the younger 2). The mother of the older two had died sometime ago. So essentially we have 2 aunts with their nephews. The entire family situation and relationships are a bit blurred. After listening to the social worker we believe the oldest girl in the photo, age 11, has been trying to care for the 4 of them. The children have now gone to another home where they can all stay together.

“Though my mother and father forsake me the Lord will rescue me.” Ps 27:10

{Children when they arrived}

{After a good bath, new clothes, shoes and a small toy for them to keep}

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lawrence said...

May the Lord continue to Bless and establish the work of your hands.
Much love Pops and Nana