Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Party for 3 kids

Today we celebrated three birthdays at The Village.

Dumisang but we call him Tumi, turned 1 today. This little butter ball of a baby joined us in May & ever since we've been enjoying him. Lerato is his favorite person at The Village and she enjoys him very much. She is about the only person that can get him to smile on demand. Tumi just got his first 2 teeth a few weeks ago and has just started crawling.

{Lerato helping Tumi open his presents}

{Checking out his new cup}

{Lerato where did my cake go?}

Siya joined us at the end of August and the day he came to The Village it was his birthday. We didn't want to skip over his birthday so he joined in on the celebration today. He turned 2. Siya is a loud little guy that has brought new life to The Village. He keeps his housemother busy but is a lot of fun.
{Opening his new truck}

{He loves having his picture taken}

{Enjoying his cake}

Paulina joined The Village on Sept 2 & has adjusted very well to living with Mama Lizzar and the other girls. Her birthday was just before she arrived. Most of the time birthdays are forgotten and not celebrated at all due to families not having money. We didn't want to make her wait another year before she could have a proper birthday so she also received presents and celebrated turning 11.

{Paulina 11 yrs old}

{Of course we all enjoyed some cake}

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