Thursday, October 27, 2011

Liam Riding his Dirt Bike

Brian bought this little dirt bike before Liam was even a year old. Brian loves riding dirt bikes and quad bikes as form of entertainment. He also enjoys teaching the kids here how to ride and to give them rides around the property.

Liam and Lindie both LOVE riding on the dirt bike with daddy. It is one of their most favorite things to do. Both of them started riding before they were a year old. Brian recently decided that it was time for Liam to learn how to ride his dirt bike. He also wants Liam to learn how to ride his dirt bike before he learns how to ride a regular bike :)

The clever daddy that he is, ridged up training wheels for the dirt bike and adjusted the throttle to keep it from going full force.

Here is Liam on his first solo ride & he did great.


lawrence said...

anyone doing this other than you Brian, would give me more grey in my hair! Loved the video. XXX

Bob and Sue said...

Lois, I noticed you sai "Brian decided it was time, what about nurse mommy????